ON JANUARY 6, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President, Kris Hummel. Present were Tim Currin, Carrie Currin, Frieda Reed, Lana Smith, Dave Kelly, Kari DeRosa and Sandy Wriggelsworth. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved and the treasurer’s report also was received. We have approximately $24,000 in our checkbook at this time. A draft of the budget for 2015 was discussed and will be firmed up at a meeting on January 10th with Kris, Kari and Dave. Three letters are needed for the Capital Region Community Foundation’s Youth Action Committee’s grant process and we have asked Ellen Weaver, Dillon Spillman and Kim Harless to help us with that. All forms for this grant are due by January 30th and Carrie is working on all that needs to be done for that.

Kris reported that 453 children were served by our Christmas program and 898 adults with our Good 360 household items store. This adds up to 1,351 people served through our Christmas program this year. We discussed things we need to do differently next year, but we were very pleased with the amount of volunteers we had and how smoothly things ran overall. The dates for our programs next year were then discussed. The backpack program distribution for balanced school year students will be at the warehouse on Wednesday, July 29th from 3-7. Regular backpack distribution at Holt United Methodist Church will be on Wednesday, August 19th from 3-7. The coat drive will be held on Friday, October 16th for set up and Saturday, October 17th for distribution from 8:00-2:00 and will be at the church. We will not have a store this year at the coat drive. The Christmas program will take place on Thursday, December 17th from 9:00 a.m. -7:00 p.m. at the church. We need to send flyers out to all students in late May about the backpack program and have clients contact the food bank or call us for an appointment to qualify for this program. Although the schools are good about sending notes for us, we need to have better communication with and support from all Holt schools for all we provide for their students. We hope that next year, once a new superintendent is chosen, we can have a meeting and foster a better working relationship with all schools in the district.

Tim reported on upcoming fundraisers. A golf outing at Chisholm Hills will be on Saturday, May 30th and will be an 18 hole event. Sponsors will be contacted and asked to give $50 to be recognized with a sign at the event and we are hoping for more sponsors this year with the event being held locally. Tim thinks he already has a corporate sponsor, as well. A bowling tournament will take place in the fall – probably sometime in October and will be held at City Limits in Mason. Dates and times are yet to be determined. Neil Osoff is working on getting an improved sign for us and is hoping to get it donated by community members or organizations.

Work will begin on getting the basement ready for Ayers who is coming to repair the basement at the end of this month. Several people will be transferring items from where the repairs will be made to the opposite side of the basement and then a work crew will begin taking down shelving, drywall, etc. in preparation for the work Ayers will provide us. We are still working with a budget not to exceed $15,000 for all repairs both inside and outside.

Monthly Response groups begin this month and Sandy has January. How to use new items in the office and just what needs to be accomplished by the board member in charge each month was discussed.

Kris is going to work on a quarterly newsletter to send out to people in the community to let them know just what we are doing, thanking donors, asking for donations of items we might need like a file cabinet, and Fred Smith will compile for Kris an e-mail list of volunteers, donors and contacts we have compiled over the years. We will also send out some hard copies to people who do not have e-mail service. Kris, Carrie and Sandy will work on this and hope to have the first one ready to go by the end of the month. We are hopeful that this will be a good way to showcase all that we do and let the community know how it can support us throughout the year.

Sandy is going to contact Kurt Madden at the State Journal to get articles in the Holt Community News for us and will also send information in the form of a thank you to the Journal itself. Hopefully, the paper will follow through and help us with what we need published. Lana, Sandy and Kris are also going to meet on January 15th to go over an article we want to submit for the non-profit highlight the Journal has each week.

We brainstormed ways we could include younger people and new faces in our organization and many names were mentioned. Kari and Sandy are going to the next Community Connect meeting on January 14th and should know more about how working with other non-profits in the community might help us get more interested people volunteering with us once they know more about all that we do.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 and the next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 5th at 4:30 at the warehouse.

Respectfully submitted
Sandy Wriggelsworth, Secretary