ON August 25, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President, Kris Hummel. In attendance were Kari DeRosa, Dave Kelly, Lana Smith , Tim and Carrie Currin, Sandy Wriggelsworth and new board member, Pete Haak. Pete has been helping with building projects for us and we welcome him on board to replace Jerry Anderson. Frieda Reed was absent.

The minutes from the May 5th board meeting were discussed and approved. The Treasurer’s report was accepted and we have $20,461.41 in our checking account.

As it relates to finances, we have an Eagles golf tournament being held on August 29th with proceeds going to our organization and Case Credit Union is also soon going to tell us how much money they will be giving to us for the last quarter of their charity giving project. So, we expect some good cash flow soon and of course, our Bowling Tournament on November 8th will also generate funds for our operation, as well. Dave also emphasized that any donations that are not money need to be accounted for by filling out our in-kind contribution slip so he can account for it in his budget.

The Backpack distribution stands at about 200 backpacks given out. Thirty were given out to the balanced school year student and over 160 for the traditional calendar students. We still have backpacks to give to any new students or any identified through the schools once the majority of students begin.

The Coat Drive will be on Saturday, October 17th from 8:00-2:00. Set up and sorting will take place at Holt United Methodist Church on Friday, October 16th. Lana and Kris had a meeting with Dr. Hornak about the need for better participation by the schools for giving coats and clothing to our program and were encouraged with his support and will have Kris and Lana speak to the administrators at a future date to explain our mission. Flyers will be going home through the schools and there was an article in the Ram Quarterly about this project. This year we will give only coats, clothing and donated shoes. There will be no Playmaker shoes or store this year. Volunteers are needed both days and all members need to contact friends and family for this big project. Lana is still trying to contact Homeless Angels to see if they will take our remaining items after the coat drive is finished.

The Christmas Program will be December 17th from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. On December 16th we will need many people to help with taking items from the warehouse to the church and already we have a commitment from the football players and National Honor Society to help.

Our building needs both a new roof and siding and after some discussion it was decided that the proposed cost for both of $10,000 should come from money generated from the golf and bowling tournaments and funds received from the Eagles and Case Credit Union. Kris will get bids and we hope to get this project done by mid-fall. A larger shed to hold large metal and overflow is needed. Kris will check with the township about any restrictions there may be for a building of approximately 8x8 for this need we have in the rear of the building before we go forward with that project.

The monthly response groups were reviewed and will be September – Tim and Carrie. October is Lana’s month. Kris will be on for November and both Kris and Kari will be in charge of December. January will be our new board member’s month to start out the new year and the rest of 2016 will be decided at a future date.

There are 11 keys out to board members and those working on renovations. It was decided that Kris could get from Tom Miller his key since he is not painting now. We will give it to Kathy Wotring who spends countless hours working in various capacities at the building. As long as we give out only 11 keys, it will be easier to account for them and this motion passed with a no vote from Kari.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 27th at 4:30.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00.

Respectfully submitted

Sandy Wriggelsworth, Secretary